Upward trajectory.


Public Content is a Houston-based Public Relations, Marketing and Consulting Firm focused on the future.

As technology evolves at unprecedented speed, established and emerging businesses need more than just media relations to amplify their presence and calibrate their image. Public Content was born out of the desire to create a single-click model for strategy, synergy and growth.

We are a think tank-style incubator with the singular mission to build brand awareness through a healthy mix of media relations—both traditional and social—big picture consultation, community outreach and content creation. As natural and experienced storytellers, we oversee all aspects of the creative process from inception to execution across multiple platforms.

Local intel. Global Reach.

An effective campaign requires reaching new and existing customers through myriad channels, experiential happenings, on-brand partnerships and purposeful events.

Perception is a measure of locality, and our locality is unapologetically Houston, Texas. Armed with a deeply entrenched understanding of the nuances, idiosyncrasies and traffic patterns that make our sprawling metropolis unnavigable, Public Content comes with home-field advantage that borders on the unfair.